200,000 Business Layout
2000+ Network Coverage
500million units Order Processing Capacity/day
4000+ Robots Echelon
Geek+ Supply Chain
Geek+ intelligent robot system energize warehouse and supply chain service, provides customers with industry-featured supply chain service under the support of big data and intelligent technology, improves the implementation efficiency of merchants and saves management cost.
Application area
GEEK warehouse supply chain service involves a large number of application fields, a rich audience group, extremely simple warehousing process, more convenient for customers' warehouse distribution needs!
Scope of business
Thousands of robots are dispatched from warehouses across the country.The robot can increase or decrease according to the actual situation of the order to meet the customer's demand for flexible automation.
North China
Beijing IOC
  • Area:5000 ㎡
  • Number:40 unit
East China
Hangzhou IOC
  • Area:30,000 ㎡
  • Number:150 unit
Kunshan Jiahu IOC
  • Area:22,000 ㎡
  • Number:200 unit
Kunshan GLP IOC
  • Area:4000 ㎡
  • Number:50 unit
Central China
Wuhan IOC
  • Area:6000 ㎡
  • Number:40 unit
Zhengzhou IOC
  • Area:10,000 ㎡
  • Number:70 unit
Southwest China
Chengdu IOC
  • Area:10,000 ㎡
  • Number:80 unit
South China
Foshan IOC
  • Area:6000 ㎡
  • Number:60 unit
Application Case
Geek+ supply chain service covers many industries such as e-commerce, retail, shoes and clothes, beauty, Nursery, and customized intelligent supply chain solutions for different industries.
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