Picking System

Market pressure under the consume upgrading, inventory management of vast of SKUs and unpredicted labor cost have become the common challenges of E-commerce and many retail industries. Geek+ provides a flexible choice for breaking industry bottlenecks.

Geek Picking System realizes Goods-to-Person picking by enabling robots to carry shelves which improve productivity and lower labor cost. The system includes Geek robots, backstage control system, standard picking station and charging station.

System Component

Application Scope

Geek picking system is suitable for multi-SKU, normal-size goods picking operation and operating warehouse could be tens thousands of square meters. The system can be applied in E-commerce, retail, 3PL, medical, clothing, food, daily consumables, manufacturing, automobile, etc. 


Stable Lifting and Carrying
Flexible Intelligent Scheduling
Advanced Automatic Charging
Accurate Navigation and Obstacle Avoidance 


Lower Cost: Decrease 50%-70% labor 
Rapid ROI: 2-3 years' payback period
Fast Deployment: Completed within 3 months
Great Flexibility: Lower investment risk effectively

  • Type
  • P500 Weight:130 kg Lift Load:500 kg Payload:500 kg L*W*H:920 *690 *280
  • P1000 Weight:260 kg Lift Load:1,000 kg Payload:1,000 kg L*W*H:1300*940*340
  • P800 Weight:180 kg Lift Load:800 kg Payload:800 kg L*W*H:1040 *820 *280

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