Sorting System

With the rapid increase of express requirement driven by E-commerce industry, traditional labor sorting mode becomes more and more difficult to meet the sorting efficiency and accuracy, and also brings the problems such as high administrative cost and parcel damaged. However, the traditional sorting devices have poor flexibility and long period of investment return.

The sorting robots could do fast automatic sorting through the cooperation with industrial code reading equipment , and send parcels to the corresponding shipment port. Parcel sorting system can schedule many robots together to achieve efficient and accurate sorting operation. Geek sorting system includes Geek sorting robots, steel platform, industrial code reading equipment and charging station.

System Component

Application Scope

Geek moving system could be applied in the sorting step of postal and express industry, meet the requirement of small and medium-sized parcel sorting.


Fast and accurate parcel delivery

Flexible intelligent scheduling

Fast , stable positioning and walk

Advanced automatic charging


Increased sorting efficiency, 10000-20000 unit/hour

Save 80% labor than traditional sorting work

Flexible robots arrangement according to business volume

Short-term Return on Investment within 12 month

  • Type
  • S10 Weight:12 kg Lift Load:- Payload:6 kg L*W*H:460*380*140
  • S20 Weight:42 kg Lift Load:- Payload:20 kg L*W*H:540 *540 *700
  • S500c Weight:210 kg Lift Load:- Payload:70 kg L*W*H:1150*832*540

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